May 20, 2008

Twins are very different, yet all alike
Like spic and span, Mike and Ike.
They think alike and share secrets too
1 head is good, but even better is 2.
We have the same eyes, mouth and teeth
But what really matters is what’s underneath
We have lots of laughs, and at times we cry
Our zodiac sign is Gemini
Some twins are different, one is brunette, and one is blond
But all twins share that special bond.
We help each other in times of need
We both started out as the same little seed.
We never let one another behind
We’ll know when we’re in trouble, read each others minds.
Although at times we seem to fight
We always try to make it right
She is my sister, we were meant to be
When they picked the cards, they matched her to me
No matter what, I’ll always be with her,
No matter what, she’ll always be my sister

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