The Tears I shed for U

April 17, 2010
When I was with you it felt right
My heart was all over the world that night
You were one of kind, you were my heart
With every kiss and hug, you slowly took my heart away into a world of bliss
When I was with you it just felt right, there were no second guesses
With you, I felt at peace with myself knowing who I am
You were the best part of me
Making me fall for you one step at a time
I didn’t take time to realize to spell it all out
This made me overlook details I had been missing
Spitting out smoke on the side of the road, I pulled over and mumbled “Crap”
We were a waste time; I thought that I’d die here without you
But there is a life after you
All that matters is a life ever after, a life full of laughter
It was you who spoke the words that got tangled up in lies
The dawn brings another day
But that day does not consist of you
Your love acted as my drug
Feeding the wanted craving s of my desires
But now that you’re gone I feel somewhat alone
My body quakes for the need of you at my side, for the way it was
I’ve never been the kind to let my feelings show
An I thought that being strong meant to never lose you self control
When I hear our song on the radio, memories begin to flood
Tonight I wanna cry
I want to cry a river and call it my own
With every tear possessing a painful moment you have ever caused me
But it is what it is and we can’t get over it
When your love is pouring like the rain I close my eyes
Pretend my heart ain’t breakin’ every time
Repeat the same five words in a repetitive dialect
I’m gonna get through this
I’m speeding through to time to see what I have missed
What mistakes I have made
But my time is up
I can’t find the way
I called triple A and they said they ain’t on their way
Since my time is up there is only one thing left to do
That is to blame you
Even though our love was bigger, it wasn’t worth the fight
At the play ground, standing next to love
I realized you were bigger
But I was stronger
Up and Down on the see-saw
Always getting my a** slammed on the ground never seeming to realize that placing my feet on the ground would help take in the impact
I’m moving on
I’ve dealt with all my ghost and have faced all my demons
Finally content with the past I regret
I’ve been trapped in the past for much to long
Life has been patiently waiting for me
There are no guaranties
There comes a time in everyone’s life when those cars just keep passing by
I have made up my mind that all of our days together are gone
I saved what I could and packed what I couldn’t
If you find my on this road, don’t be scared to take it with me
The tears you have shed over him aren’t worth fighting for…

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