Silent Protest

May 20, 2008
By Lori Wendling, Gap, PA

We risk our lives
For them everyday
Hiding them;
Putting them away
You might think us fools
For what we do
But wouldn't you want us
To do the same for you?
We dod not discriminate
Against religion or race
We look equalit
Square in the face
For all people
Were created the same
And one group
Should not be put to shame
And what simple act
STarted it all?
It took just one man
To make that call
The cruelty of
That man's soul
Must have been the effect
of a heart that was not whole
What caused his thinking
Is impossible to comprehend
But for some reason
People followed the trend
They stormed into homes
Full of hate
Seizing those
With an unfortunate fate
The opinions of us few
Can't seem to convince the rest
So hiding JEws in our house
Is our silent protest
I hope that soon
Everyone will agree
That Hitler should be killed
And all the Jews set free

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