I’m a prisoner of my innocence
Or should we call it ignorance
Spoon fed through the iron bars
That keep them from coming in
And me from getting out

Not everything is chocolate covered
Not everything is sunshine and smiles
Behind the curtains I stood too long
Direction ruled my life so strong

Without asking questions
Just giving answers
How are you supposed to grow?
By believing all they teach to you
How will you ever know?

My wall of purity
Is being ripped down by reality
And open my eyes
This is where I am
It’s quite a change of scenery

Playing safe can be dangerous
For the rules change once
And you’re drowning in shallow water
It gets deeper from here on in

Taking chances is dangerous too
But you’re used to falling hard,
To getting up broken
Well, aren’t you?

I’m a prisoner of my innocence
I try to stand in my defense
But I don’t know what I’m fighting for
I’ve never been in this place before

Not everything you touch turns to gold
There’s war and death and hate and disease
And I lived through all of these
Without feeling any sympathy

I’ll close my eyes, go back to sleep
Days go bye and weeks, and weeks
And one day I’ll think back at these

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