Riding a Dream

May 20, 2008
By Danny Fink, Columbus, MT

Riding for a dream, going very fast and only seconds to think.
Going over bumps, at very fast speeds.
Knowing that theres only a patch of dirt between you and the ground.
Riding very fast on the Blue Yamaha finding in every gear power.
The feeling of flying through the air, with nothing there to stop you.
Jumping through every jump, finding the best jumps.
Riding as whatever comes up.
The hill ready to test whats really in the Blue Yamaha.
Starting at the base of the hill, finding what is the best way up.
Reving up the 4 stroke hearing all the power.
As you drop the clutch heading straight up the mountainous hill.
With the throttle wide open giving all its got, tearing through all the soft dirt.
Finally up at the top knowing that the Blue Yamaha gave it all its got

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