Live and Love

May 20, 2008
By Ashley Hurst, Valdosta, GA

Live and Love

I’m offering myself a special gift
One that I’ve hidden for so long
The gift of being open,
Of being me
I don’t really know me
And I will take some time
To understand the past
And to make my life mine
In time I’ll be the person
I really need to be
And want to be
And should have been
All along
But lessons have been learned
And people have turned
Their backs to me
While it’s hard to understand them
I see those who really care
And know that they are the ones
I want to share
My stories and my life with
They ease the fears of
Tomorrow’s uncertainties
With a silent mutual promise
I’ve been up the rocky path
And down the gentle slope
Seen both sides of humanity
And the miracles of hope
The light keeps glowing on me
And the moon keeps shining bright
As long as nature takes her course
I know I’ll be alright
While in the shadows of my true friends
I’m actually in the spotlight
Flaunting what I have
For all the world to see
My family right beside me,
Broken it may be
But nonetheless we’re beautiful
Cause we’re strong enough
To see, and be seen
And to know that underneath
We’re happy as can be
My friends and family and values
Are solid and concrete
Nothing can take that away from me
And I’ll display my confidence
For all the world to see
I love myself
I love my life
I love my friends and family
Life cannot be touched
You can’t hold it in your hands
Its being can’t be dissected
Although it has the most intricate
It thrives in every human being,
Entwines itself in every heart
Living with love and
Having a passion for life
Admitting you’re wrong
When you’re not right
Are parts of life’s flawless web
Of catching you in time
Before your time and between your time
And after your time you’ll know
Your life was perfect all along
You just didn’t always know
Where to go, why you went, or
How you got there
Follow the brightest star,
The path of yesterday
And tomorrow
Let your senseless worries
Guide you to your
Wherever that may be
Be happy on the outside
And happier on the in
Don’t let others tell you
How your life should end
And begin
Respect yourself for who you are
And love the light that
Guides you
Cherish every heart
That has touched your very soul
Believe you can
And know you can
And you will be led home

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