A Booger

May 20, 2008
By Derrick Bahnsen, Valdost, GA

A Booger

To a curious child:
What is this thing I’ve picked from my nose,
It’s green and slimy and… it looks yummy;
I’ve made a new discovery, but I must taste it.
Oh… it tastes like a pickle, but not as crunchy!
To a teenaged girl:
I hope they do not show,
They disgust me because they are so icky;
How could I produce something so horrid,
Please! Keep them away from me!
To a nose:
I create them, but they have no smell.
Everyone thinks they are disgusting;
I enjoy having them, yet sometimes they need to go,
To a booger:
Ah, it’s so warm and comforting in here,
Please don’t pick me!.. Please don’t pick me!..
Oh well, It’s somewhat nice out here,
Oh no!.. Don’t eat me, don’t eat…

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