Feelings Of Love

May 20, 2008
By Taylor Prain, Valdosta, GA

Feelings of Love
As told by an Emo Teenager.
What is love?
Love it the cover word for pain.
It is a subliminal message sent to every human in this cruel bitter world.
Covered up by layers of feelings; everyone eventually falters;
to the point at which our hearts and wrist match.
Tattered, ripped, beaten… Torn by the ways of lust and infatuation that consume the entire body until the angst is unbearable and we cave in.
Caring is safe; Love is suicide.

As told by a hippie at Woodstock
Yeah man love is totally gnarly!
I mean it’s like intertwinement of soul mates, joined by sweet magnetic powers.
And when it happens it’s like WOAH!
Then everything is great for like days of whatever; hell even minutes, but after that it’s like your inner body… your soul is longing for more than just love, you need a relationship brother! With laughs and cries and all that… cough…cough.
Hey man pass that here again.

As told by The Beatles and their Lyrics.
Love is telling Jude to take sad songs and make them better.
Love is when you’d just seen a face and you want to tell everyone.
It’s when you would cross the universe for the one you love.
Love is when you want to hold their hand no matter the circumstance.
Love gets you high with a little help from its friends.
Love lets everything be as it was.
Love is here as we are here and they are all here together.
Love is the reason my guitar gently weeps and the reason we want to start a revolution.
Love sometimes sometimes comes in through the bathroom window.
You never know…. You never know.

As told by Dr. Suess.
I’ve created thing 1 and thing 2.
I’ve created fish both red and shades of blue.
My characters are many
And their love is plenty
From Hinkle Horn Honkers to Jake the Pillow Snake.
They all join together for one name’s sake.
That is love.

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