Never Again..

May 20, 2008
By mantha bharat, Kharagpur, West Bengal

Never again …..

The path never seemed long,
Nor the time so forlorn
But life trudged on through pain
Silence refuting her absence but……never again

The little joy in sharing love
The amity in tiffs and woes
As my somber heart craved in vain
It was gruesomely reminded ….never again

All those priceless little laughs
And her sweet whispers as they tickled my ears
Those long hours of contentment and love
Never again for this mutilated soul ….. never again

The dark tragic moment arrived in silence
As she smiled for one last time
And the walk to which she set forth alone
No more could I see her … never again

May my wounded mind rest within
The charming reminiscences of her in
But I cannot foresee the terrain
Without my love but…...never again

As I lay writhing in pain
I prayed thee with all my strength
To take my heart away from this torture
Whither I live a life sans love … never

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