From My Eyes Which See Nothing

May 19, 2008
By Dymphna Nuestro, Goodlettsville, TN

I prayed for a god,for someone to save me
when I longed for food, but knew that there was none.
I prayed for a release and was answered
when I encountered a friend laying still upon a road.
I prayed that I would see him again, as he was before,
racing down that road to greet me.
I prayed there would be no need for me
to ask for things for myself.
My time is short, getting shorter every day, and I do not wish to pray for transient ends.
"What lasts, God? What is real?"
He didn't need to tell me, for it was before me every day: poverty, and it was my world.
"God, what is it that I can do?"
I didn't think he answered,but as I looked around
I could see there were many folding their hands, waiting,not knowing, but believing.
There were people like me all over the world.
And only one God.
So I no longer waited for an answer,
I searched for it in the faces of those around me who had even less.
And I found what I had been looking for: food to share, the face of my friend in others, selflessness, and my
response from God.
"Save your world and save yourself."

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