Dead Rose

May 19, 2008
Dead Rose

as viewed by a passionate florist

My beautiful creation is shriveled and dry
I lost a friend one in which I confide
I know there are others but its this rose I mourn
With its apple red petals and nice shapely form.

as seen by a Spanglish speaking bumblebee

Oh bella rosa what happened to you
I left you a moment, okay maybe two
Your petals so soft, your nectar so sweet
Ahora no se where else I’m to eat.

as viewed by an envious flower

Pretty red rose I envied you once
Not for a week but a couple of months
The bees drank your nectar with hunger and glee
They didn’t come near me, they just let me be
You are now gone and I am not sad
I’ll no longer covet the attention you had.

as seen by a jilted bride

A single red rose dead just like my heart
The love of my life has torn it apart
I was abandoned left all alone
A bleeding heart replaced by a stone
This single red rose is in need of some care
We’re one of a kind, we’re the perfect pair.

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