May 19, 2008
Clothes on the floor
Dealer at the door
Calls on the phone
Sleeping all alone
Drunk every night
Every day a fight
Phones that just ring
Loosing everything
Sex without soul
All I feel is cold
But I keep holding on
And everything is wrong
Why can’t you love me?
And we can just be happy
I just want to walk
We never even talk
I’m told you sleep around
I just ignore the sound
Of those that love me more
But I can’t walk out the door
I want to walk away
But something makes me stay
It’s something in your voice
That takes away my choice
A look in your eyes
That covers all the lies
I just can’t let go
Baby, take off all your clothes
Forget about them
Hold me if you can
I’ll just hold you too
And we can work this through
I’m leaving soon you see
To get my PhD
But you just waste your life
Looking for what’s right
You live without a soul
You won’t find it in that bowl
But the more I try
The more you lie
You’re backed against a wall
Just trying not to fall
I reach out to you
But I’ll keep reaching through

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