Fall Apart

March 30, 2010
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No one saw my hurt. No one saw my pain.
No one saw the rain. Falling from my eyes.
They only recognized. Whatever he showed.
He took the shortcut, while I took the highroad.
I tried to hold on, while he tried to let go.
We kept everything a secret. So no one would know.
I was the one with the problems, I was the “issue”.
He got a new girlfriend, & I got a box of tissues.
I never believed him, so I guess I’m the liar .
But he was all I wanted, & I all I desired.
They told me I was a fool, for falling for one.
That wasn’t my plan though. I was just having fun.
It kills me slowly, because I know you’ll never change.
& even when I don’t mess up, I still take the blame.
Criticism, regret. The list never ends.
But I have no problem, doing it all over again.

I accepted your imperfection. & everything else that I hated.
You traveled new places, while I stayed and waited.
Waited for you to return. Waited for your call.
Waited for you to love me . I waited for it all .
I waited for the heartbreak. I waited for the lies.
I waited for the sadness. I waited for the goodbyes.
I waited for your kiss. I waited for your heart.
I waited to fall, fall apart.

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JasmineMarie248 said...
May 2, 2010 at 5:41 pm
I relate to this poem completely... and unfortunatly.
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