With Love

March 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m fighting my feelings,
because the fall will be tough
I’ve been broken before,
but I’m not giving up
I see some potential,
we just might be
A beautiful future,
is all I can see
I’ve felt this way before,
so I am a little afraid
Heartache is nothing new,
so I’ll be okay
I’m willing to put myself out there,
because you’re worth the pain
And ever since I’ve met you,
I haven’t been the same
You’re sweet and charming,
and I know you’re sincere
My life would be empty,
if you weren’t here
I come to school everyday,
just to see your face
And the spot to your left,
is now my place
These strong emotions I have,
can no longer be concealed
Words can’t explain
the happiness I feel
I wish this will last forever,
but you’ll be parting soon.
Your smile shines in my head, brighter than the moon.
When I go to sleep,
you’re the last thing I think of.
I know that you’ll be leaving,
but please leave with love…

The author's comments:
Love is pretty painful, and yet we still put ourselves out there. Willing to be hurt again.

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