It's So Easy

March 30, 2010
By lpires47 BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
lpires47 BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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Dark gunk vomit and tears
The tastes are so good
When you don’t have to stop and rationalize
Whether you should
And the mirrors are stretching and hissing
Winding and twisting into a crusted grin
And she trusts counterintuition
And the cocked heads of frozen girls
Her head is beating in their eardrums
Ba dum ba dum
So it spills alone
And she washes it down and hides the traces
But the wretched shame hangs back in her braces
And they always lectured not to do it
But there’s nothing better- so screw it
It’s so easy
And her head slumps back and it’s bright and black
She’s dizzy and falling to the side
When she’s not bawling she calls it stalling, but otherwise
It’s pathetic like she is-- slouched against the cold tub
Now she’s choking with her palms on the tiles
And barely crawling
There’s a slow drip of murky blood suspended from her chin
But when she’s smaller they’ll see her then because
It’s so easy
It’s incorrect it’s repugnant it makes me dry
That the only reason that you’ll know is because you spy
Where was your head and your eyes when all she needed
Was a compliment? And a smile and a pat
And it would’ve been so easy to do simply that
But you’re nothing but her remains and her stains
Under the toilet seat
Your contribution was zero, nil- you may have well cracked
Open her jaw and shoved your hand down her throat till you reached it
So I hope when you find out- you’re speechless
And it’s too late for your sympathy- she’s been lured and can’t be cured
She thought it was so easy but it would have been easier
Could have should have if you did anything something
But nothing-
It’s so easy

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dgpanther said...
on Apr. 20 2010 at 3:47 pm
wow this is amazing! This poem has an important message- to love all kinds of people, and to watch out for one another, and at the same time the poem has a dark mood and tone that are really depressing. But I love it!


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