May 19, 2008
By Loren Smith, Highland Village, TX

I hide my pain behind this smile
and show the world how strong I am
I won't let them see what you did to me
because i will not fall

I will not fall to the ground
and shatter everywhere
can't let them see
what all you've done to me

the hurt you brought
the tears that dropped
I can't believe I fell for you but
I have to stay strong

I have to stay strong for my sisters and brothers
and all the other people that you've hurt you are nothing

you are nothing
that I absolutely adore
and just can't ignore
you mean so much to me

I let you in my heart
but you just ripped it apart
I trusted you I loved you
you said the same back to me too

I've fallen in your trap
and now I can't get out
it just plays in my mind
over and over again

this will never escape me
that one night you said you loved me
I believed you

I knew this was going to happen
I just didn't want to believe it
you're my knight in shinning armor...
or at least i thought.

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