May 19, 2008
By Loren Smith, Highland Village, TX

Tick tock...tick tock
I sit there by the phone waiting;
wondering what I've done wrong.
Have I ruined your life?
I guess I'll never know.

I'm sorry that I was born
sorry that I've been such trouble
but I'm not sorry for being me,
the teenager that I am today...
that you haven't even bothered to raise.

I hope your happy; I have no father,
is this what you wanted?
My pain?
If you're trying to get back at my mom,
it's working.
You've ruined all my family's life; happy now?

You're winning this battle just like you wanted,
I'm about to give up all hope.
My heart ripped apart.
Eyes stiched shut,
mouth glued together.

You must be crazy if you think you're going to walk me down the isle,
the dad is supposed to do that...
I have no dad.
You're tired? Well I quit!!!

You ruined your own life by marrying...her.
You lost my trust when you cheated on my mom.
You lost my sympathy when you didn't even try to take me.
You never hug me or say "I love you"
but what can I do? I'm done with you,
you're wasting my time.
I have no dad and really i couldn't be happier.

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