THe never ending battle to hell...

March 30, 2010
Have you ever felt like you've fought so hard and you fail, failed at everything including living or trying to help others and put them before your self? I happen to know someone who battles everyday just to support their family on the little money they have. This person I know is someone who fights everyday just to get what they need for basic living needs but fail at even doing that. I want this person to succeed in life and even though they have to fight for what they want i wanna be the one to witness there succeedment (i know its not a word) But will this never ending battle to hell ever end? Probably not because there is no savior to even help this person through there struggles. Just try and be your own savior when fighting in hell. Don't dwell on the past battles focus on the present battles like Taxes Food Cars Gas Love Death Elders Trust Sanity and many more. This never ending battle to hell sometimes makes you wonder, Will it ever stop? Will i ever win or succeed? Its hard to tell at this point in life but I want to make this go away its unreal and seems to depress everyone thats in the never ending battle to hell..

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