May 19, 2008
By Eliza Lambert, Portland, ME

As I read what a thought a masterpeice
An every-note composition
A day-in-the-life living recreation
As I spit words from my mouth
Thrown to the purity in black gobs of hate
Rolling over and over to make words that perhaps once formed would be understood
The darkness consumed the page, my worthless terror thrown to the ground
Crumpled and defeated
Reaching no ears
Hearing no voices
Knowing no words with which to speak my stories
Ignore them if you may soothsayer
But as my hate is splatter-painted on this wall
Graffettied into your brain whether by your choice or no
I will be remembered
And these scribbles
Though weak and watery
Will one day reach heights and scream to the world
Lightning down from my cranium the assent
The discontent
And they will know
And you will know
That my brush strokes are not in vain
Nor my pen’s violent slashes
Trying to dismantle the purity they do not hold
They will never hold
For they speak of the vilest sin and no angelic tones
The blackness will consume all minds
Revealing me
A wild stallion undamaged, soulfull amoung all your brainless automons
Your consumers of your lies
Tell, tell them all shamer
Tell them that your black ink is purer than mine
Show to them that your words are soft as any angel’s hair where as mine befit the horns of the devil
Fear me, fear me
Let the hear me
Unbroken, unsullied
Let them see my eyes
Stare me there and let me hear you say I am the slave to be whipped
I am the enemy
My side, your side
The middle ground is gone
Bought by your blank faced, briefcase holding computor chips
Let them see me soothsayer and let them know my words
Let them hear the searing scorn that rides through my mouth, reaching all who hear me and wish to know freedom
Let them see the pain that you have caused me
One of yours but never
One of mine
How I wish I could be my own page
Written into mine own writ
Holding in slim form the ironic purity that money-trees hold
Knowing none of your treachery, your ability to deface my truths
Watch the black poison spill from my mouth onto carcasses and tell me you are holy
Tell me you are the god
Tell me that all who follow you follow the truth
Tell me my pain is your pain
Tell me
In the end
That if the blackness dries on my tongue
And all I have brought up to share fades away
My voice left unheard
My black ink smeared from my mouth
Tell me you can once again hold me in your thorn covered arms
And return me
To the only place I can truly survive
The pitchy home
Black as my pain
Land of the free
Home of the brave
The world my words can never save

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