May 19, 2008
By fara renner BRONZE, Somerset, New Jersey
fara renner BRONZE, Somerset, New Jersey
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There is a Liar in the eyes of this innocent girl.
She's sweet as can be covering the facts of her hidden past.
She sings lies like they were meant to be.
Killing trust as fast as she.
Although within her hidden mind she keeps a hidden world.
Makes up lies like they were meant to be.
Sings them so all can hear in this hidden world.
She faces no truth as for she is scared.
It's face is her punishment that kills her bitter face.
As for she has tasted the sweet serum of betrayal.
Once all turn on her she wont realize what she did.
She walks the cold streets beneath her feet and she see the faces.
These faces kill her from the things she said.
These faces break her from the pain she fed.
These faces burn her from the tears that she shed.
Repeat, repeat, and repeat.
No one can hear her cries because she lies.
The air freezes and for she has met her fate.
Its fiery core bursts her name out.
Her body trembles with fear as she knows what she did.
Did she not learn her lesson before?
As for this the liar did not care and she did more.
Until that day the fiery core came with a friend.
She lied to it's friend making things worse.
In the night is where the liars come after her.
Scratching, tearing, and pounding on her trembling body.
Did she not learn her lesson before?
That if you give more, you will be in hell?
POUND POUND POUND her heart went.
As she slowly fell down because of the depths of the fiery road she screamed one last thing " I'm sorry."
Maybe after all she learned her lesson although it's to late for the liar named " Faradae."
The depth of the fiery hell heard her sorry.
It gave no thought to what it was about to do.
It spit her soul from hell right out and gave her a new appearance.
The liars feasted upon her change as for they new maybe she wasn't one of them.
But the liars couldn't tell, until she said her first words.
She began to speak " As I tremble beneath the ground I'm scared of it's sound and I shall always remember.."
The liars screamed on the top of their lungs without any actions.
She walked away and realized that the liars will always be there.
For her... she knows.. she'll never be one of them again.
She walked the road of apology 1,000 miles.
For she hope that it will make up for everything but she knows that isn't enough for a sorry or to fix a friendship.
Time goes bye and she walked 1,000,000,000,000 miles but she thinks it isn't enough.
It was never enough until she gave up what she really held most.
She is willing to give up her heart, pride, soul, and anything eles that means the world to her.
Finally it was her time to go but she will always be sorry for what she did.
She finale stop on the road and let time spread its wings to fly over her.
Laying on the road, where all her past could be told.
Foot steps arrived from the creaks of the dirt.
It was the liars.
They screamed in terrible fear to get her to become one of them again.
She laced there and said " NO!" while on her back.
They kept coming closer so she closed her eyes...
Everything she had on herself was rooting along with her flesh.
She didn't give in, into what the liars wanted her to do.
Her heart bleated with pulses of the sight of death.
She didn't give in, she was sick of it.
The face of " Faradae " was washing away as the acid of pain soaked on top of her.
Her creamed body sang words before it disappeared.
" We live in this world to only to be told what to do,we learned from what we made and said, and we get hurt from all the bad. But we live in a world with many faces, sometimes we don't look for the traces. In the end its you and me but we all know that it will be me to go," as her body told.
The lairs gathered around her outline as they saw she wasn't one of them no more.
She was just "compunctious" towards it all.
Her body was to close to hell and yet so far from heaven.
Falling down into the ground she fell upon a hard stone.
Was this heaven she thought?
No it wasn't, it was the world she made a ruck.
There wasn't enough series of events on her face that could fix this but only time.
Even then she knew things would never be the same again...
So once more she closed her eyes and there on she never opened them again....

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