War Is'nt All Glory

March 29, 2010
By Sally SILVER, Albany, Other
Sally SILVER, Albany, Other
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Your family all pleaded for you to stay
But young and strong minded, you had your own way
War meant glory to your untaught mind
But that was not what you’d come to find
New recruits marched down the street
Followed by drummers, keeping the beat
You marched out of town under dark black sky
While family at home all started to cry

You sit in a trench full of mud and grime
As hours fly past you lose track of time
The pouring rain makes it hard to see
And you wish the large rats would just let you be
You look around but see nothing much
‘Cept motionless beings, cold to the touch
The sun comes out as the rain starts to stop
And you make the decision to peer over the top

Your family starts a normal day
But when checking the mail their morning turns grey
They pass out the letters then stop at just one
Your parents both know that it’s news of their son
You dared to peer over that wall
Then with one single shot, to the ground you did fall
Eyes fill with tears and everyone cries
That’s what it’s like when a loved one dies

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