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March 29, 2010
By fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from a highway, from Bath and Body Works and the gospel.

I am from the homemade blanket (warm Florida weather when we are in Florida for Christmas and Easter, comforting feeling of getting an A+ on my anatomy paper, and fuzzy.)

I am from the roses by the bike trail, the willow trees that sway in the wind.

I am from Christmas Eve service, and brown hair, from Greg and Robin, and Baker’s.

I am from the house of God and family who likes to tease each other at their own expense.

From “Your look just like your mother” and “Aren’t you so lucky?”

I am from Elmbrook, an evangelic Christian.

I’m from Brew Town and European ancestors, stir fry and salad.
From the wedding where my parents met, the Santa proposal from my dad to my mom and the loving of my grandma who took care of me when my mom was sick.

I am from photo albums, Tweety bird, tickets stubs reminding me of going to the movies, dances, baseball and basketball games, plays, and concerts.

I am from the moments of a seed growing into a beautiful and strong tree that continues to grow as the branches grow in numerous phases.

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