Becoming Brave

May 19, 2008
By jordan Dixon, Cincinnati, OH

I sit here with it inside of me.
Not a word coming out.
The pain inside of me goes through my blood stream,
into my bones.
The reminder of that night,
feels like it eats me from the inside, out.
IT's voice makes my spine quiver,
chilling me to the bone.
Smells of leaves,
and wet grass emerge.
Frightened like a rabbit,
I want to run away.
I wish IT would disovle in the earth,
and be gone forever.
I wish IT could feel the pain i had once felt.
I want to be heard with out saying anything.
When I try to sqeeze a sound from my vocal cords,
it bursts from me.
I have accomplished and fulfilled,
what was once a night mare,
but now a dream.
I am brave.

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