March 29, 2010
By Jenna Kaschinske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jenna Kaschinske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Smiles. They are never the same, all different, all original. Even in families, they are not the same. Mom's teeth are straight, but slightly yellow, like a little yellow daisy. Dad's teeth on the top are straight as well but the bottom; well to say the least, they look like a train wreck. Kayla's teeth are pearly and white but needed help because they were as dead, and rotten as day. Alyssa, she is going through awkward stages, the kind that her teeth havent fully grown in so they have a mind of their own, and quite frankly she needs braces. But as for me i have perfect teeth. My shinny teeth sparkle just like the stars in space. My shiney teeth twinkle, brings color to my face. I never needed braces; they are aligned prefectly, i am so lucky to have my teeth. My shinny teeth and me.

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