Ode To Science Class

March 28, 2010
I am sitting here
In Science class
How dull it is
(The same with math.)

I am watching the clock
And its hands, round they go
And thinking of things
That I’d much rather know.

How does a clock work?
Why do birds sing?
And why did Ringo Starr
like to wear so many rings?

What began the universe?
And how shall it end?
If you write the town but not the zip-code
Will the letter still send?

Will it rain today?
Do I have gym next, or art?
Whoever got the idea that babies
should ride in shopping carts?

Will I still remember him in twenty years?
And was the bucket yellow or green?
Am I really a raving insomniac?
And what is the purpose of a spleen?

Is this class almost over?
I should really hope so.
The bell has just rung
So away I shall go.

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