I Am Left Alone

May 19, 2008
By Hailey Pollard, Clinton, ME

A cool breeze drifts from the east.
The trees are calm.
The grass glistens in the sun,
covered by morning dew.
The sun now shines as bright as can be,
and makes the puddles on the ground
shine with a great glare.
Most leaves have been shed,
but some trees still save
their brightly array of color,
orange, yellow, gold, red, and still some green.
The ground is damp,
and covered with a sea of colors,
while the grass is a deep shade of green.
It smells of fall, and freshly drizzled rain.
The sun beats down,
and warms us in the cool breeze.
the sun will hit our faces,
and it will seem like a warm hand lightly brushes our cheeks.
The breeze picks up to a chilling wind,
and wisps my hair across my face.
My arms quickly wrap around my elbows,
as I try to protect myself from the chilling wind.
You take off your jacket,
and drape it around my shoulders,
and you stare deep into my eyes.
You draw me in closer,
I can feel your warmth surrounding me,
like a just dried blanket.
I get lost in your eyes of deep blue,
and my stomach starts to swarm.
I can picture those beautiful colored butterflies,
swarming around,
trapped inside my stomach.
The light from the sun shines on your face,
and gives it a gentle warm touch.
with your arms wrapped around my waist,
and my head on your shoulder,
I feel at home.
Oh, how much I have missed your touch,
how much I have missed these moments.
It feels like I haven't seen you in a lifetime.
I remember the days we had spent,
just lying under the stars,
the days when we walked in the rain,
and the days when you would just hold me.
we just stand there,
at that very place were I saw you last,
before you went away,
to protect our future, and somehow our past.
You told me not to worry,
even though you knew I would,
you told me you would call,
and I knew that was true.
I had told you not to go,
and how much I would miss you.
But I knew it was right,
to fight for what you believed.
Your arms are still around my waist,
we stand and watch as the sun goes down.
You turn to me slowly,
and I know,
that now it is your time to go.
You tell me you love me, and you will see me soon,
your lips brush mine,
then your image disappears,
and I am left alone.
There is a cool breeze drifting from the east,
the autumn leaves are slowly falling.
I stand looking at the ring,
the ring you gave me,
on our wedding day.
I still have your jacket you draped around my shoulders,
that day that you left,
to become a soldier.
You fought for our country,
and you fought for me,
and now I stand,
carrying your baby,
at the place were you left,
and were your grave now sets.

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