All You Could Be

March 28, 2010
friendship is fragile with a boy you've just met.
if you mess up just once, he seems to forget
all the songs that you've sung; all the laughs that you've shared;
all the nights he's never known you were wishing he was there;
all the inside jokes he doesn't get; all the carefree conversations;
all the times you've seen him, wondering if he felt the same sensation;
the way his hair falls in is face when he's sitting next to you
trying to do the math homework, but he doesn't have a clue;
how he mimicks everything you do and mocks everything you say;
and you smile and tell him to stop, but want him to go on anyway;
all the times you've seen him fall apart, nearly invisible on his face,
wishing, wanting to hold him close and glue his heart back into place;
all the sarcastic arguments and long drawn-out fights;
knowing you should go to bed, but wanting to stay up all night;
how it makes you happy to see him smile, wondering if that happens to him too;
just thinking of all that you could be, wishing he'd say "i love you..."

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