Girl Born From Fall

May 19, 2008
The wind blows,
and the lifeless leaves fall from the trees.
They hover to the ground,
and lay flapping in the wind.
They make a rainbow of fall colors,
across the green landscape.
The trees sway,
and creak.
It's like they are talking.
The wind pushes them,
like they are being forced to fall to the ground.
The leaves shiver on the branches,
in the cold wind.
But the wind gives up,
and calms down to a cool breeze.
The sky is,
a wonderful shade of blue.
The light fluffy white clouds,
are laid across the sky.
These clouds drift along,
swiftly, but smoothly,
like the waves in the ocean.
Ripple, and then crash,
lightly onto a sandy beach.
A young girl sits,
in the middle of the field.
The breeze brushing through her brown hair,
and laying it softly back to her shoulders.
She takes in a deep breath,
of cool crisp air,
and the fresh scent of autumn enters her lungs.
She holds her bent legs,
beneath her arms,
and watches as this all occurs.
She sees every detail, every leaf,
and every tree,
down to the last blade of grass.
She hears the wind,
as it whips past her chilling face,
sending shivers through her body,
as the sun lightly warms her soft skin.
Only the light chirp
of some non-migrated birds
can be heard.
She lies down on a blanket,
of bright emerald grass,
and watches as the clouds make
unnamed shapes.
But this, her home,
her favorite place,
doesn't last for long.
As the sweet aroma of apple pie,
fills the air,
her mama calls to her.
So once again,
she must leave her fantasy,
and return to the home,
where she began her fantasy filled steps,
and had the prime view, of the wonderful world around her.
The world that she had been living in,
but not seeing,
till the first opening
of her bright blue eyes.

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DaydreamBeliever This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 8, 2011 at 5:30 pm
very pretty :) i loved the detail. it was a very vivid visual :)
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