Daddy come home

May 19, 2008
By Brittany Dixon, Cincinnati, OH

It has been 10 years since i have seen you
Alot of stuff has changed
Im taller and smarter

And i understand alot more than people think
But there are some things that i dont get

I dont know why you left me i really needed you
I need to know why you dont care about me
Because i care for you

I dont care if mom hates you i still love you
And i need you so much

My mom needs you but she just cant say it
I always feel like running away but i have no where to go.

All i need is to hear your vioce and see you
Daddy please come home

We could use your help around the house
A girl is suppost to have her dad to worry about her

Right now i could be going out with a drug dealer
I need my father in my life

If it is for five minutes or five years
I need you dad i still love you

Daddy come home

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