Me and My Family

May 19, 2008
Me and my aunt we like to play, we go to Dave & Busters and play all day.
My aunt love me and I love her, and when I play with the dog i get covered in dog fir.
My name is Lloyd and I like to have fun, my mom and my aunt told to be safe and never play with guns.
Me and my brothers we like to play, play baseball like back in the day.
When Jackie Robinson hit his first run, we use to sit on the ground and look at the sun.
Me and my dog we like to play, if she died i would run away.
We play and play until the sun goes down, we play and play all around town.
Me and my dog we like to have fun, and when she chase me I always run.
Now all I can say is to stay in school, and dont do drugs because they are not cool.

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