Holding A Piece of Her

May 18, 2008
By Jardin Joseph, Destrehan, LA

Holding A Piece of Her

When people ask me about

my grandmother I just
simply say she is doing

My grandmother is a sever.
Someone who caters to
everyone else’s needs before

Through her hidden smiles
she shows what used to be
there. A happy overpowering
biker’s girlfriend.

She is understanding in
the most gentle way
possible. Without setting
a bruise on anyone’s ego.

Taking me ever where and
showing me off left and right.
Dragging me to her work, the
mall, and her church.

Within me I’m always holding a piece of you. It’s a piece of your smile, your look, and your nurturing ability.

Have you ever thought to yourself while you were riding on the back of that bike that someone like me would be holding a piece of you?

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