I Jumped Down The Rabbit Hole

May 18, 2008
Electricity burns, ignites, and courses through my veins.
Sparking my heartbeat, driving me into the mania.
It licks at my heels, but does not consume.
Feeds me desires, keeps me high.
Smothers me in the warm creating this fence.
Keeping me safe.
Then the water came down,
And the voltage surging through me explodes.
Ripping me apart tearing me down.
Lost all feeling, lost all meaning.
I don't remember what it is to be whole.
Crawling back to the power, the energy, the high.
Let addiction control me, contort me.
Breath in the blaze, let me eyes become glazed.
Danger holds no meaning.
Escaping has never been so easy.
My feet hit the pavement.
Running faster and faster,
The energizer bunny ain't got nothing on me.
The demons chase and follow.
But this current fuels me,
Pushes me past me limit.
Crashing into reality.
Coming down into the ghost of me.
Empty, that's all I am,

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