A Poem That I Wrote For God

March 8, 2010
The dreary night was closing in;
The fog becoming thick.
My dark, black heart was full of sin,
Enough to make one sick.

The thoughts of hate, flitting about;
The unkindness, the fear –
All of it, without a doubt,
Was cause to shed a tear.

I cried, “Dear God, please, make me clean!”
His response was certain:
“My child, your sins I have surely seen,
And I will lift your burden!”

The tears turned from pain to joy,
My sorrows, no longer my boss.
They flew, no longer to destroy,
Until they reached Your Cross.

You gave Your life, Your blood was shed
For me - no one of worth.
I thank you, God, for what You did,
And Your Son, who came to Earth.

The darkness, now, has turned to light,
And I have no reason to fear, tonight.

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