May 18, 2008
By Jo'Dee Lynn davis, Hamilton, TX

Soldiers are our lifeline
They are our friends and family
They are kind
And they are gentle

They are our brothers
Or sons and daughters
Or Moms and Dads
Or even our best friends

We don’t really know
How much we care
Until they are gone
Half way across the globe

A lot of us think they are coming back
Until they get the gruesome news
Of them being shot on the line
Trying to keep our country free

They keep fighting
No matter what the cost
They keep us free
No matter the pain

We love them
We cherish them
We pray for them
We live for them

We send them letters
We send them packages
And we wait for a reply
And hope they are still there

We wait for news
And wait for the time
That they can come home
And never go back

The ones retired
Will not relive the events
For fear of the pain and suffering
Will come to haunt them again

They rest in Arlington
Once your there
You’ve achieved great honor
To lie with our great heroes

The ones past
Have served us well
And have the greatest honor
Of our memories

We all want them home
With us to help our young ones
But they made the choice
When our country called

The country calls so many
Of our loved ones
To defend us in our time of need
From foreign capture

Some go for the scholar ship
Some go for the money
Others go to the aid
Just to be nice and help

The wives freak out
Their kids cry asking
When is daddy getting home?
Their mother not telling them

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