Fifteen Years

May 18, 2008
By Jessie Casteel, Huntington, WV

So much can happen in fifteen years. You ask me what and I tell you every parents worse fear. Your child can grow up, quit school, and runaway. She can make a mistake, give you hell, and loose her way. Then in the blink of an eye you'll wake up to find you've forever lost her and she's far, far away. Your sunshine fades and the sky turns to gray and all you can remember is the way she looked at you when you left her that day. Tears you've cried remain on your cheaks as the days pass by and turn into weeks. She misses your hugs and you long to hold her tight. At the end of this dark tunnel theres got to be light. You hear the sound of her laughter In your head as you lie in bed at night and wonder if she's scared. You see her face and the stars in her eyes and all you can think is I hope she alright. So as I said so much can happen in fifteen years. You ask me how i kno and I say because I've been there.

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