i'm a survivor

May 18, 2008
I thought I’d grown so strong,
Yet all I want to do is cry,
I no its been so long,
But what I still want to know is, why?

Why me?
Why then?
I was so innocent and young,
But I grew up afraid of men,

Could you have been much colder?
You knew what you were doing was wrong,
I no you weren’t much older,
but you were so strong,

The field, the Dene, the cupboard I feel so filthy,
The thought of what you did fills me with pain.
Was it my fault? I feel so guilty,

You enjoy crushing my spirit,
Still, even now, you’re in my memory;
Your voice, so evil I can still hear it;
It fills my body full of anxious energy,

You think you’re so big cause you crushed my soul,
You’re never going to win though,
I’m know victim, that’s not my role,

Because of you I’m on meds,
But I’m getting better,
You’re the one who is sick in the head,
So think about that one because you can’t hold me back forever!

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