A shield of a feeling

May 18, 2008
By asiangurl... GOLD, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
asiangurl... GOLD, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Why does love hurt so much
Seeing you like that
Lying on the ground
Bleeding to death
You risked your life
For my heart
But how did you know
What to do
I would have been out of control
If i was you
But I can't stop questioning
My actions tpo my feeling
Because of me
You died from a bullet
That raced though your head
And into no where
With each breathe you take
I can't stop crying
These tears won't stop
It contines to drop
until for eternity
when i meet you again
up above
where the angel watches us
And there you see me
You whispers to me
I will wait for you
Until it's your time
I love for eternity

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