May 18, 2008
By megan pelson, Barrington, RI


The dim light was shining on my red shorts,
Squinting eyes stared hastily at the pink and orange image that infested the whole sky
The smell of a dying love walking around in matching outfits haunted my nostrils.
A fly looking for excitement decided to turn my way, and soon became disappointed
Because we were mesmerized, we were all mesmerized by the sunset.
I don’t know why the summer had gone so fast
And the only words I remember were the distant calls of
Small children gliding on sand like I used to.
“You’re getting so grown up!” familiar faces remarked.
And with a hesitant smile, I cautiously laughed.
Because maybe I am growing older, gaining maturity and respect.
That summer,
It was my deepest fear.

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