Know Body Knows

May 17, 2008
By Emily Smith, Durand, MI

Who are they to judge?
They don't even know me!
They don't know why I act,
Why I do, what I do.

They don't understand me!
I don't think anyone does.
They say I know who I am
But really have no idea.

They do their observations
With empty stares,
And harmful glares.
and truly believe they know me
But what they've think they've seen

Who are they to talk?
They don't know it's true
They spin their lies like spiders' webs,
Twisted in the wind.

When they say that stuff
They want to make believe
That every word is true
That every word can tell
That they can read me like a book.
But how can a book be read
That the author's never finished?
How can they know who I am?
When I'm not even sure?

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