What happend to the girl i used to be

May 17, 2008
By Cierra Piper, Mishawaka, IN

What happened to the girl I use to be
Seems like she disappeared and cant be seen

What happened to the smile I use to wear
The soul who flew freely without a care

The girl who laughed in the face of danger
Who had no fear of befriending a stranger

The one who'd sit out late at night just to stare at the moon
Nothing could ever happen far too soon

Where did the girl go who was so strong
Who walked through the hard times like nothing was wrong

How did she get so lost amongst the crowd
How did someone so in control not be found

No one knows where she is locked far away
Pushed out of a world to be left astray

Her words now silenced on her lips
Just dark lonely shadows no more white sailing ships

Everything crumbled, she's hidden inside
Of the girl I am now without a smile

Trapped in my head and caged up in my heart
She's dying inside, she's fallen too far

The girl I once was, the girl I use to be
Has now disappeared forever, deep inside me

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