May 17, 2008
Everyone watches the clock,
Hearing the click of every passing second.
Everyone seems to be stuck,
As they all wait for school to end.

The clock strikes 2:42,
And the huge crowd of students comes pouring out.
Everyone’s thinking what they’re going to do,
While others are giving a loud scream or shout.

Summertime is finally here.
At last, we finally have the freedom we so longed for.
We no longer have long projects to fear.
Nor, do we have to deal with the endless sea of homework anymore.

We no longer have to wake up at 6 o’clock,
Or have to starve ourselves from missing breakfast.
Nor, do we have to feel the agonizing shock
Of left behind homework when we leave home too fast.

We can now enjoy the summer sun.
We can go to bed late and sleep in the next day.
We can finally go out and have fun.
I wish we had summer everyday.

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