Face the Facts: People do Change!

May 17, 2008
some people are used to be thieves
some people are used to be murders
some people are used to be thrill killers
some people are thirteen year old parents
some people are used to be trouble makers
some people are used to be juvenile delinquents
some people used to be evil in so many ways
But that’s not what they are
that’s what they did
and how they changed
but those people will never be thought of in the same way again
The parent will be called names and will have separate expectations
The thieves will always be watched
The murderer will make people hesitant to speak
the killer will be feared and left alone
The trouble-maker won’t get a good college education and get a dead end job
the delinquents will be cast a ways without jobs
the[ good people in so many ways ]will be shut out from other people for eternity
but the same people who did that to them
have mad some stupid mistakes also
just means we didn’t do any thing to bad ….
Or just didn’t get caught

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