Memories (For Better of For Worse)

Times long gone tend to revisit us
Memories of misuse and betrayed trust
They come to us when we're down
When sorrow and self-doubt are abound.
They flitter about in the mind
Brewing up thoughts of suicide.

The worst of these linger the longest
Battling the mind in a simple contest
Of vivid pain and tears now lost
Unaware of their heavy cost.
Without a prayer and not a chance
These old nightmares like flames do dance.

As I lay in a corner of my own
A flicker of hope shines through my wall of stone
Then almost as quickly as it could be seen
A shadow of doubt devoured the thing
That for an instant prevailed over my darkest fears
Of tales told only to lended ears.

Abuse, misuse, and self-mutilation
Were merely parts of this congregation
Led by fear, frustration, and the bitter memory
Of everything this world has done to me.
I hate all that I am and all I have been
And because of these memories I must live it all again.

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HunterPW said...
Nov. 30, 2008 at 10:54 pm
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