Look, Look At Me.

March 23, 2010
By ZebraCakes. BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
ZebraCakes. BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
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You are a piano, dirtied by the hands of humans, and yet, you hold onto purity, somehow, and there is someone out there, somewhere, who will make the most beautiful music come out of you. (I'm sure of this.)

Look, look at me.
I crave for your attention,
I cling to the hope that you want me.
However, I fear being needed,
To be needed is a scary thought.

Look, look at me.
Complete me, I hate this feeling,
This emptiness, that something is missing.
Yet it’s that same longing,
That desperation,
That gets me out of bed each morning.

Look, look at me.
Tell me what you see, what you feel.
I can’t read your mind, but
I want to know your thoughts.
Wait, no. Keep them to yourself.
For what will I have to wonder over if
I already know it all?

Look, look at me.
See me as strong, brave, and fearless;
See me at my best.
Now look away, please, before I fall apart.
Know that I’m none of those,
I’m just a beauty in the breakdown.

Look, look at me.
I need you, I fear you, I love you, and I want you,
I crave you, I desire you, I like you, and I hate you,
I long for you, I care for you;
However, I want no part of you.
I’m afraid I’ll only disappoint you,
That I’m not good enough.

Look, look at me.
See me as I am.
Please, love me for it.
Wait, no. Don’t love me.

Look, look at me.
Wait, no. Look away.

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