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May 17, 2008
By Melisa Easaw, Freehold, NJ

You can never go back,
to what you had.
Most would call that sad,
they’d get mad, feel bad.
(OK, enough with the kindergarten-rhymes.)

But I see it differently.
A fresh start,
a blank state,
tabula rasa.
Isn’t that what we all search for,
every day of our lives?
New beginnings, new chapters
in the books of our lives?

You can never go back
to what you knew,
no matter what you do,
it’s true, you’ll be among the few
to get an actual fresh start.

But I see it differently
than most.
Most want to hold on,
cling on to what they know.
They say they want change,
but can’t deal with anything
outside their range.
They’re all talk,
but I, I’m real,
I feel
the way I say I do.

You can never go back.
Quite a plight, huh?

Well, I see it differently

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