With My Heart and All My Soul

May 17, 2008
By Zachary Hill, Forest Falls, CA

I love you so deeply
With my heart and all my soul
But when I asked if you did to
I got a resounding no

You said you loved another
For reasons to I unknown
It seemed like you would slip away
Leaving me all alone

No one else is enough
No one else will suffice
I will always want you
For my entire life

When I’m lost or lonely
I think of you inside
For its only you
In whom I know I can confide

For always will I love you
Forever, you, I will want
Nothing can ever stop me
On my everlasting hunt

I can hardly sleep
Although I try to hide
Right now I’m really torn up
It hurts me on the inside

I don’t know what to do
There’s nowhere left to go
All I know is that I want you
With my heart and all my soul

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