May 16, 2008
By Alyx Koch, Lake In The Hills, IL


I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately
Knowing that everything could end in the blink of an eye
I’ve realized how important it is to tell people how much you care about them

I know I’ve said this a dozen times before
Trust me, you’ll hear it a dozen times more
But I thought I should tell you just incase something were to happen
If somehow one of us were to unexpectedly leave this place

I know sometimes I’m not the clean-cut version of a friend
I think of myself too often instead of you
I forget to consider what you might be going through

All the times you held me and let me let it out
It meant so much to me, something I’ll always be grateful for
Patient and kind you were, even though there were days I dragged you through dirt

Making me laugh and putting a smile on my face
Always knowing when I’m not having the greatest day

I wanna give to you what you’ve given to me
Even though honestly I’m not sure how
I’ll be there to take care of you through thick and thin
I’ll help carry your world to lessen the pain
And if need be, I’ll trade my life for yours
Because you mean that much to me

And when there are days when you’re far away
I’m carrying you in my heart every day

So cheers to the laughs
Cheers to the good times
Cheers to the struggles
Cheers to the memories
Past, present, and future

But most of all
Cheers to you

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