A Series of Blinks

May 16, 2008
Wake up
You don't know why, how, or where
But somehow you are here
Maybe in a dream
Maybe in your real life
But somehow you exist
The sun rises and sets but still existence is all you have
All you are
All you will ever be
You wait for the moment to pass
Or for another moment to start
For a change
Or at least a movement
But the earth just sits in front of you
Still as ever, but too fast to blink
Or it will be gone forever

If you blink
Would it matter?
The world would remain the same
One fewer person
Some left to grieve
But they only move on
And the world stays the same
You wake, you wait, you blink, and then
Back to sleep
Until another body awakens your soul
And once again the pattern repeats
Free from reason
Free from feeling
But never free from truth

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