If I Were An Amoeba

March 23, 2010
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If I were an amoeba, I’d wish you were my twin
We wouldn’t let mitosis separate us then.

If I were a little fish, I’d wish you were my fin
So you could steer me to the caves that we could hide in.

If I were a jellyfish, I’d wish you were the light
So you could lend to my two dozen eyes the gift of sight.

If I were a slimy frog, I’d wish you were my hop
So we could flee from the world and never ever stop.

If I were a lizard, I’d wish you were my tongue
You could tickle my mouth through the nights so long.

If I were a sparrow, I’d wish you were my wing
We could have adventures; I’d have reason to sing.

If I were a mouse, I’d twine my tail with yours
We would nibble silently through the owner’s floors.

If I were an ocelot, I’d wish you were my spots
I would lick you carefully because I love you lots.

If I were an orangutan, I’d wish you were the trees
I could scratch my back with you cuz I’d be full of fleas.

If I were a human, I’d wish you were the same,
So that for just this once we could play evolution’s game.

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XariaRose said...
Apr. 25, 2010 at 10:34 am
eh...dont like it...you add too much science....no one wants to read it sorry
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