Dear Delinquency

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Diary,
Innocence isn't everything is it?
If it is,
i'm basically screwed.
My life is a book
that can't be renewed
and i know that
but still
i can't pay the bills
and if i end up alone
and juvie is home
i'll at least still have you
unless they take you away too
Oh God,
who am
who is this girl?
You can't answer
but i surely will
or maybe i won't
i don't know
i'm so lost
just listen
it helps
just a little.
my life's so unreal
i watch it
like i read magazines
or textbooks at school
but not my life?
not mine
is this how it feels?
To be seventeen
and mean
and cruel
to the world and everything around me
surround me
with hope
That's all that's left

The author's comments:
Not one of my best poems, but i think i gets the point across. Comment please, tell me what you think. Thanks

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